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Lucknow Christian Burial Board was established in 1948. The Lucknow Christian Burial Board was established by some volunteers and religious preachers of the Christian community of Lucknow. It’s basic purpose is that if someone dies in any Christian family, arrangements should be made to bury the dead body. So that the people of the family do not have to worry much about the work related to the burial of the deceased in this time of sorrow and calamity. Presently the Burial Board is serving you with its excellent work. Earlier, the Lucknow Christian Burial Board officially had the responsibility of looking after a total of 24 graveyards, out of which 21 graveyards have been taken under its control by the Archaeological Survey of India a Department of India the Central Government and the State Government under the Protected Monuments Act. At present, only in three cemeteries dead bodies are being cremated.

1) Nishatganj Cemetery Paper Mill Colony,
2) Mall Avenue Cemetery Sadar and
3) Bandaria Bagh Cemetery Behind Loreto Convent (In this only Catholic Father Priest and preacher are buried).

General Instructions:

In case someone of your relative or family dies, you should follow the following instructions.

1) First of all, the death certificate of the deceased must be obtained from the registered medical practitioner, even if he has died at home.
2) After discussing in the family, decide the time and place of the last rites of the deceased. Strictly follow the stipulated time.
3) Receive a two copy of the prescribed Burial Board request letter (white and yellow leaflet) from your church's pastor or pastor or preacher informing them of the funeral times you have scheduled. If your church or pastor / priest does not have the prescribed request letter, then in that case you can come to the office of Burial Board at Nishatganj and give information.
4) After receiving the request letter, come to Lucknow Christian Burial Board's office, Nishatganj, Paper Mill Colony, in which type of grave you want to be buried, kacca or pucca. Along with this, along with the prescribed expenses for the funeral, a) death certificate, b) photo identity card of the deceased and a photo should also be submitted to the board.
5) Deep freezer can be obtained free of cost to keep the body of the deceased safe. If you make arrangements to bring the freezer from your level and if the arrangements are not being made, the Burial Board can arrange to send your home and return at the cost of Rs 1000/-.
6) You should deposit the funeral expenses only in the office located at Nishatganj and get the receipt. Do not give to a priest, pastor or other person. (Take a confirmed receipt of the prescribed expenditure after receiving the number of the grave after the funeral from the Burial Board)
7) For complaints of any kind of non-cooperation etc. from any officer or employee of the Christian Burial Board, contact the members of the executive committee of the Burial Board.
8) The board has stopped the reservation of graves, the reservation of all graves older than 10 years has been canceled. Rs.1000 extra expenditure will have to be paid for digging any reserved grave.
9) An additional donation of 25 thousand rupees is taken for the reserved VIP plot on the right and left side of the main gate of the cemetery.
10) A family plot has been arranged on the side of the metro city wall. Whose fee Rs. is 51000. You can bury many of your family members in these plots. There towers above the ground or double/triple decker can build some sort of tombs.

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